Saturday Sports

This fall we started doing Saturday morning sports. It is quite a commitment, one we have never done before. It is about a 30 minute drive to the field and it lasts from 9-12. Kinda takes up a lot of our Saturday. But our boys LOVE sports and we have a car now, so we decided to go for it!

 Coach Matt! 
The boys do soccer for the first session and then Reid plays baseball and Everett plays tennis. They are both really enjoying it and doing great! Reid got moved up into the higher age group for baseball and is playing with some highschoolers!

Reid and Gabe
Several other families that we love are also doing it, so we have lots of fun friends out there! And our mornings usually end with a lunch at Burger King!

And this little nugget just hangs out being happy :)
We are really enjoying it now, but check back with me when the cold weather hits. Yikes. This mama doesn't do cold well.

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