Da xiong mao

 We went back to the Panda Reserve with some friends from another city whose parents were in town. It was on out summer list so we can check that one off :)
It was SO hot, so the pandas weren't out, but we got to see them inside and this was the first time we had seen little babies while we were there!

 month old little panda

Why do gigantic pandas get to have such little babies?!?
 kind of proportionally unfair.....

 3 month old panda

She seriously looked like a little stuffed animal! Love!!

 ry with the baby. She so badly wanted to "play" with her!

boys with the pandas who were braving the heat

Rylie with her new panda fan!

our whole family!

Ry posing with the panda

lots of fish!

Reid took the camera and was LOVING taking pictures of everything!
Maybe a camera is in his future?? Birthday present maybe?

fun bird

pretty peacock!

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