7--the perfect number!

Reid turned 7 on Wednesday!! (slow internet took me three days to finish this post!)

He woke up to birthday balloons!

made a weird face for birthday oatmeal--complete with candle!
(it was awfully early to be taking a picture....)
had a BIG smile for birthday cupcakes at school with friends!

kept his smile for birthday dinner at Peters!

Everett loves to use the camera these days. And Rylie was enjoying herself, despite what the picture presents.

and then we headed home for some cake!

And of course Reid wanted a volcano cake.
What? Did you think I was trying to make a regular, round, two layer cake that looked nice and somehow the top layer totally collapsed while I left the kitchen for 37 seconds?
Nope. He's totally into volcanos these days.

making a birthday wish!!

and from what I hear volcano cakes taste just as good as pretty ones......I'm just sayin'........
sweet siblings!

We are so thankful for our sweet 7 year old! What a fun dynamic you brings to our family! We love the constant laughter, funny jokes, tenderness, and compassion that you show. Your love for learning the Chinese language is such an encouragement to us.
Everett said he is most thankful that you love to play with him.
Rylie said she is thankful that you pick out books at the library that you know she will like.

You are such a blessing to our lives, we are so proud of the person you are becoming, and can't wait to see what God has in store for your future! We are so thankful that He entrusted you to us!

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Kimberly said...

So sweet. I cannot wait to see what knox looks liike.