36 weeks

How far along?
36 weeks

Weight Gain?
I'm up to about 15 pounds now!

How big is baby?
around 6 pounds

I am sleeping much better now that my hubby is back!! Although I have less room in the bed (and I need a lot these days!), he is so sweetly waking up with wee ones that get up in the night. So I have slept through the night--woo hoo! Probably shouldn't get used to it though......

Maternity Clothes?
oh yes.

Food cravings?
I have been eating a LOT of apples (honeycrisp are my FAV!) and salads.......

Food aversions?
still meat.

same, same--still throwing up, heartburn, everything has started stretching--having lots of hip and back pain.....lovely third trimester things :)

Doctor’s Appointment?
It has been SO fun to get to see this little guy twice a week! He is still growing and fluid is still borderline, so as of now we are waiting :) Going tomorrow to see my doctor

He is moving around all the time now! although it feels more like rolling around than kicks these days--low fluid doesn't give him much room to move around!

Belly Button?
In--or should I say more flat, than in--mine has never popped out with any of my pregnancies!

What am I looking forward to?
Meeting this sweet little one! I feel like he is coming sooner rather than later, so I am getting really excited about him being here! 

What do I miss?
Our community in China. I'm not very good at being in transition.......but SO thankful for the ability to be here to have Knox with such great medical care!

Best Moment this week?
My boys coming home!!! SO glad to be together as a family again!! Now for Knox to make his appearance.........

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